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    American Cultural Center

    The Moscow American Center is a public library based on the American model. The Center provides library and reference services and hosts cultural and educational programs. The Moscow Center is the largest in a network of more than 20 American Centers and Corners across Russia. Up to 300 visitors a day use the Center s library, reference service, and Education Information Center. The Center offers its visitors information about the United States, books and magazines, art exhibits, cultural events, Monday night lecture series, Tuesday night film series, discussion groups, seminars for teachers of English, educational advising for Russians who wish to continue their education in the United States and much more. Patrons of the American Center attend lectures on topics ranging from the history of racial tolerance to contemporary country music. They can watch Academy Award winning films, chat with native speakers of English, read Business Week or Rolling Stone and check out their favorite novel to read at home. Both students and teachers conduct research in our library. Representatives of non-governmental organizations, the press, business, and cultural and educational institutions come to the American Center for information about the U.S. All our events are free of charge. History The American Center was founded in June 1993, and we are proud of the introductory address presented by President Bill Clinton upon the opening of our Center: "The inauguration of the American Center is a historic step forward in our joint effort to strengthen ties between the people of the United States and Russia. Standing in the heart of Moscow, this American Center is a powerful symbol and tangible result of effective cooperation and partnership between our two countries" Departments The American Center comprises the library, reference service and Education Information Center. Library Reference service Education Information Center Statistics Patrons -18,500 Books Stock-12,000 VHS and DVDs - 160 Periodicals - 98 Internet Terminals - 4