Stock markets 2020. Coronacrisis. Trends

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Stock markets 2020. Coronacrisis. Trends

10 октября 2020
09:00 — 23:00
19 октября 2020
09:00 — 23:00

Иванов Максим Димович

This master-class is about the current coronacrisis, recaps the previous economic crises and is targeted to help find the insights in the most uncertain situations: in our case that would be stock-markets. Here we try to find the trends using the information we derive from the strategic and tactical analysis of the corporations and their actions during the worst types of economic events.

Мастер-класс доступен для просмотра на YouTube c 10 по 19 октября.

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Иванов Максим Димович - British American Tobacco, Revenue Growth Management Lead, Marketing Finance Dept
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